When someone buys you a fish, they usually don’t think very far ahead and don’t give you a fish tank as well. They will probably give you a fish in a plastic bag filled with tap water and expect that you get all jubilant because of it. Of course, you are not. Now you have to guy the whole thing and have no idea how to proceed. Well, here are a few fish tank types that you can buy.

You can buy a fish tank in your local pet store. The person working there will most likely know exactly what you need after you explain to him or her what kind of a fish you have. Well, if it’s your first fish you probably won’t know its name, but try to explain as best as you can how it looks. If there are now pet stores nearby or the one in your neighborhood is too expensive, you can also buy aquariums online. This can even save you some money if you put a little time and effort in researching it. You can also buy an already used one, just make sure that everything is in working order, you don’t want to buy an aquarium and find out that the filter is not working properly.

Okay, so here are three types of fish tanks that you can buy just about anywhere, in a pet-shop or online, read this article first and than decide what kid of fish tank best fits the needs of your fish.

1. Clear seal tanks

These fish tanks are simple and you can use them for any kind of aquarium. They are made from standard, clear glass (so you can view your fish whenever you want to) and also come in various shapes and sizes. This is perfect if you want to build your aquarium from zero, but are recommended for those fish owners that already have some experience with them.

2. Starter aquariums

If you just got your first fish, most likely from a girlfriend, then these aquariums are just what you need. They are also available in various sizes and shapes and can come with some basic equipment as well, like filters.

3. Tanks and stands

You can also buy a cheap fish tank with stands. What you get here is a clear fish tank and a stand to hold it. This stand will also work as a storing place for supplies you will need for your fish, like food and accessories. These sets are also recommended if you already have some experience with fish and want to build your own aquarium.

Of course, besides a tank, you will also have to buy various accessories, like pumps, filters, chillers and monitors. Again, you can find these online or perhaps in a pet store, although some smaller ones don’t have all of these items.

Once you bought everything your fish need, make sure to put your aquarium somewhere where it will add to beauty of that room.


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